22 janv. 2010

Qik Videocamera v4.49 iPhone iPod Touch-ALEXiLSECCO
Size: 6.64 MB

Add a Video Recorder to your iPhone with Qik VideoCamera!
- Realtime Effects & Zoom (3G & 2G only), Up to 15 FPS, Brightness control, & Audio boost
- Landscape mode, Easy email sharing, and more!
- 12+ FPS at max resolution with good lighting
- access all your videos from your PC/Mac on local network (see the Gallery in List View)
- No recording limit at any resolution
- Instant saving at any resolution, just shoot and go (or shoot again!)
- Export video to Camera Roll and and then to iPhoto

- 2 quality modes supported:
* 400×304, 12+ FPS – 8MB/min file size
* 200×152, 15 FPS – 3.5MB/min file size

– Update for Facebook sharing coming next week! –
- Realtime effects allow you to see the effect as video being shot:
* Black & white
* Black & white with Red – bright red and yellow objects keep their color
* Mirror horizontal and vertical – image is reflected, carnival-style
* Color game (aka “Avatar mode”) – red becomes blue and blue becomes red
* Limitation in current version: only one color effect or zoom or brightness can be applied at the same time
* Any effect reduces FPS by 10-20%


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